Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Specialty Bolt and Screw Provided Leadership for Fastener Quality Act

Over the last decade, as a result of creative efforts by Specialty Bolt and Screw, the safety and comfort of everybody has been expanded and improved. When President Bush (41) signed the Fastener Quality Act in the late 1990’s, it marked a milestone in corporate/government cooperation to address a real safety concern with an effective response. Specialty Bolt and Screw was a founding member of iPower New England in the early 1990’s and became involved in the national issue of fastener safety in response to inferior foreign product that was misleading domestic customers on quality standards.

Together, with four other national fastener suppliers, Specialty Bolt and Screw (SBS) was called upon by congressional leaders in the Senate Commerce Committee to craft a tough, realistic, and verifiable piece of legislation, which when enacted became known as the Fastener Quality Act (FQA). Kevin Queenin, President of SBS pushed the industry to initiate and sustain serious efforts to restore responsibility, accountability, and traceability with the industry.

The impact of the law has been recognized widely as many of the issues faced by the military and commercial businesses during the 1980’s have been ameliorated. According to Kevin, the work on the legislation, the awareness it created, and the law itself, even with its many subsequent amendments, has contributed to lasting changes, which have greatly enhanced quality in the product produced and distributed by the North American fastener industry.

As a major player in the iPower New England supply chain system, it’s gratifying to have leaders like Kevin and his team keeping a focus on what’s best for the customer and the industry. You can read more about the law, the technology, and the training effort that is on-going to understand how to continually supply conforming product to its customers.

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