Wednesday, September 17, 2014

iPower to Present Free Workshop Oct 7 on Selecting a Replenishment System

We are looking forward to participating in The Hope Group’s Motion Control Technology Workshop event on October 7, 2014 at its headquarters in Northborough, MA. There will be several technical workshops and seminars ranging from Energy Conservation for air compressors, to Pneumatic/Automation Fieldbus technology. Among this array of technical seminars, we will be presenting an overview of how VMI and Integrated Supply technology can be applied to help companies make selecting a replenishment system less painful.

The goal is to bring components and supplies to Point of Use and Just in Time; but, how do you actually accomplish that? We will discuss this in detail and provide concrete examples of how we do it. You can Register to attend the event or call Cathy Donohue at The Hope Group at 508-351-1809 for time and directions.

The iPower Distribution Group of New England is a leader in VMI programs. iPower delivers the widest breadth and deepest supply of Tier 1 commodities in the Northeast. Our supply chain provides $800m annually of industrial components, supplies, and packaging materials. To learn more visit us at